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Participation is offered to existing high-risk, highly-targeted M365 customers in the political, elections, journalism, thinktank, human rights and nonprofit sectors.

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*Due to local regulations, we are not able to offer Microsoft AccountGuard for state campaigns in the following states at this time: Colorado, Delaware, Illinois, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, and Wyoming; and Microsoft AccountGuard to state elections departments in California. We encourage customers in those states to explore additional offerings at https://www.office.com/business

How to find your Tenant ID

Microsoft AccountGuard provides prescriptive best-practice security guidance to enable identification and notification of incidents related to your organization. At its core, this service provides best practices and guidance, and may provide notification of a nation state attack. It is not a full-service pre-emptive or protective program and is only one piece of a robust cybersecurity protection plan. This service does not make a participant “hack-proof” - it is the customer's responsibility to manage security, including the need to remain alert to threats and implement protective, detective, and reactive controls to improve their security posture.

You can turn off Microsoft AccountGuard's identification and notification services at any time by sending the team an email or responding to your enrollment message. accountguard@microsoft.com


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